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Do glotomat monosodium salt (Ajinomoto) MSG harmful to your health?

The fact you eat foods containing salt MSG every day without conscious, it is used in the manufacture of most foods and beverages for sale: in salad dressing "ranch", Doritos, canned soups, sauces and fries walshibs. And used fast food preparation as part of secret mixtures such as KFC restaurant webalbergr and sliced cold meats and cured cheeses, and is also used in soft drinks, Coca-Cola or Pepsi. And don't be surprised that all processed foods include most likely some form of MSG.

What is this food product that is used everywhere? MSG monosodium glotamat for years was an important topic of discussion house specialists. The food and Drug Administration FDA as safe, but for people who complain about the symptoms of MSG sensitivity include causing headache and asthma. Either conflicting opinions when scientists found studies showing the effects of MSG on the body. What is the truth? Does everyone should stop eating MSG? Do food companies and the Government in a conspiracy against the people? Or is this product really safe and flavor only used as Enhancer of flavor?

Here are some details ...

MSG is added to food to enhance the flavor of foods without giving the flavor of its own. First detected in Japan in 1908 by a scientist named Ikeda, who discovered it was due to his knowledge in the mystery of his wife's delicious soup. Through its research, analytical, select unique composite charge effect – to determine the taste-and developed by salt and developed along brand and product and making millions of dollars in profits for him. Ikeda made the idea of "umami", the fifth sense-a sense of pleasure and flavor from the usual tatheralenkhat through the senses, such as sweet and sour and bitter, salty. Umami is the taste of MSG, the flavor is eating itself and it occurs naturally in food concentrations of glutamic acid, which is concentrated heavily on things like tomatoes and mushrooms (mushrooms) and yeast and cheese. Is focus of glutamic acid km natural manufacturing confiscated salt MSG or artificial formula concentrated (as Ajinomoto salt company world Ikeda) is added as part of the flavourings and spices such as Maggi and other processed foods which I mentioned in the introduction. There was concern about MSG in the 1960s, after being introduced to America, because of the ancharaltkarir of causing AIDS "Chinese restaurant"-where to complain about symptoms after eating Chinese food that uses the MSG in abundance. Symptoms of the syndrome: headache, chest pain, wekhdar parties, or the feeling of weakness and fatigue that lasts several hours ~ and described as symptoms of intoxication from alcohol.

Bahaya penggunaan msg bagi kesehatan

At the same time, research has shown that MSG may cause brain damage in infants, and from that research was removed from baby food. And many manufacturers and restaurants to clarify that their feeds from the "MSG to ease consumer concerns. But there is still concern about MSG by people and experts on the impact and relevance of cause and blame at all, such as: autism, hyperactivity, sites such as and devote themselves to educating the public about its harmful effects. In fact, did not respond to most producers of foods and restaurants for this panic of MSG for the importance to improve the taste and flavor of the cheap foods and unique to improve effectiveness of any product regardless of the rdaeth. So alakeldimi and community researchers were defeated after MSG. Although there is a Bill to clarify the presence of MSG incidents from the list of contents of processed foods to alert consumers, especially when using monosodium glotamat in components in its pure form as a salt. Unfortunately can easily be hidden in another element such as sodium caseinate, yeast extracts, protein powders contain all MSG, as well as to contain components such as "natural flavourings" and "spices" salt MSG is definitely. Translate from hire

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