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The Reasons Diet Failure in the Middle Road

The new year is a time when people are so excited about starting a new diet program as part of the resolution. Unfortunately, most of the plan did not last long, and may end before February.

According to Cynthia Sass, nutritionists and public health experts from New York, USA, diet failure in the shortest time possible. In fact, the intention to become more slender it will turn into the opposite. Therefore, identify the following five reasons that the failure of diet program that you design will not end in failure.

1. Confused choose the best
Many diet methods that exist in society today often make people confused to choose which one is best for him. For example, alkaline diet, detox diet, gluten-free diet, or are vegan, which one would you choose?

Sass said, before starting a diet first make sure you know the ins and outs of the diet so that there is no confusion when doing so.

2. Do not lose weight quickly
The results of the rapid diet is the key to one's looks remain motivated to undergo diet. However, when the weight does not come down for a week while doing a diet, do not think that diet is not effective.
Lose 450 grams of body fat has been able to shrink the body. You should then be able to see a big difference in the clothes you wear.

Diets that promise quick results likely only reduce the water content in the body. In fact, although more quickly and easily, reducing the moisture content does not at all change the composition of the body.

3. Bloating
One effect of having a healthier diet probably is bloated. Because the increased consumption of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and legumes will increase fiber intake. Because fiber is more difficult to digest, it takes a longer time before the nutrients can get into the blood stream.

However, this condition usually only lasts for a few days. To fix this, you just need to drink plenty of water and stay active.

4. Lack of support
When embarking on a healthier diet, the environment is an important factor determining success. When people nearby are still in the old lifestyle as accustomed to eating fat snacks or skip exercise, it might be more difficult for you maintain your diet program already. The solution, you can expand friendships with people who also have a healthy lifestyle so that you too can motivate each other.

5. Give up on the days that are difficult
As I was tired, work piling up, still need to exercise, and healthy cooking with, likely you are to give up. But actually, you could do a "cheating day" to deal with the saturation. On that day, you are free to skip exercise or eat at will. But remember, after that you need to re-discipline to follow a diet that has been made.

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