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How to eliminate "small pimple" naturally

Acne is a problem that often arises in adolescents or adults. acne that appears can disrupt a person's appearance. Both the size of a small pimple or acne big make someone sometimes reduce the sense of confidence.

Although small pimple size sometimes can also disturb. There are various ways that have been used to remove small pimples in significant amounts. ranging from anti-acne products, treatments or treatment. This can be a powerful way to remove acne but small pimples will reappear.

Therefore there are several effective ways to get rid of acne naturally small. There are two effective ways powerful that they can do.

How to eliminate small pimple naturally

How to get rid of small pimples on the body.
1. Plenty of consuming water. White water is able to keep the metabolism in the body and help the regeneration of body and facial skin. White water is very good for the skin and body health.
2. Eat fruits and vegetables. In the content of fruits and vegetables are substances - substances that are important and beneficial for skin health.
3. Avoid fatty foods. Foods that contain a lot of fat will make the body produce excess oil. So that the oil will clog the pores on the face. And the oil will form acne.

How to get rid of small pimples on the outside of the body.
1. Aloe vera. Cut aloe vera and take the meat. Apply the liquid contained in the flesh of aloe vera on acne-small ketch regularly, during morning and afternoon.
2. Garlic. Puree a few cloves of garlic after it spread to the face with acne small. Let stand for about 15 minutes and wash your face with water.
3. Honey. Apply honey on facial acne with cotton. Let stand and then wash face with clean water.

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